4 E-Mail Marketing Tips for Business Leaders

E-mail Marketing in 2017. Still here, and still going strong.

E-mails aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, they are still one of the number one ways to personally connect with your audience. A customer’s inbox can be pretty intimate, often times highly curated, so how will your company stand out? The most successful companies create a connection with the customer by bringing their own personal touch to the e-mail.

Let’s look at 4 ways to think about your e-mail marketing efforts this year, and how to get connected to your customer.


Big Data

You’ve got to connect the dots, and translate big data actions by breaking down data silos across your channels. Personalization is key and should drive most of the content in your emails. It takes time… implement A/B testing, analyzing your Google Analytics, and social media metrics.

Will They Care?

You need to understand the e-mail experience you’re asking your customers to buy into. Is it worth their while? Consider this: Most brands believe that 75% of their emails are relevant to their recipients. Yet, their consumers claim that less than half of the emails they receive from brands are interesting and relevant. Focus on their response. Ask a question, entice with an offer, or send out a survey.

E-Mail Automation

Automated emails are important, especially if a customer spends time on your site, but ultimately leaves without converting. For some businesses, automated e-mails generate the majority of their e-mail marketing revenue. Did the customer leave a few products in their basket without making a purchase? Send them a reminder.

Get Interactive

E-mail interactivity pulls some of the interactions from the more traditional landing page into the email. You can utilize carousels, gifs, image galleries, sliders, offer reveals and add-to-cart functionality. The longer a customer is engaged with your e-mail, the greater chance they’ll click through to your site.

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