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The 5 Most Important Tips to Know Before Hiring a Professional Social Media Marketer

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Managing social media day-to-day can be a challenge. Hiring an expert can alleviate the "noise".


Do your homework

Ask the candidates for a list of companies that they have worked with. Visit the various social media platforms to take a look at their work. Pay attention to consistency, copy, and branding.


Check their references

Ask them for a client list, current and past. Ask for contact information so that you can find out more about each candidate's background, work ethic, etc.


Reporting and communication

Inquire about their analytics reporting and communication reporting. How often will they share data with you?


Social media gurus

Steer clear of self-proclaimed social media gurus and celebrities. You want to hire a candidate or team that will be focused on your brand rather than their own. You'll need someone that will adopt your branding and voice without issue.

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True social marketers

Marketing is a discipline. Not everyone with a Facebook or Twitter can do social media marketing. Find someone with proven experience building an audience, promoting a brand and working with a team or agency to acquire and retain customers.

Last but not least...

The hardest part about keeping track and applying best practices on your social media platforms is finding a technology partner like Xivic to help you every step of the way. We will understand your product goals and bring our 10+ years of experience and knowledge to the table.

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