Why Accelerated Mobile Pages are Important

There’s no arguing about the fact that mobile is our future.

Current trends are moving from desktop-first to mobile-first. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a return to the holistic model of delivering content specifically for mobile. which is basically, a stripped-down version of the mobile web which runs on a reinvented version of the language used to create web pages (HTML).

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There are two trends pushing towards AMP:

1) Users are beginning their journey online by performing a search query via their mobile device.

2) The percentage of searches being performed on mobile has increased to the point that now exceeds desktop search.

Google, for example, has applied a focus on these trends in order to enhance its search product for a better user experience. The experience is faster, and more informative because of mobile speed matters.

Over half of mobile users will abandon a web page taking greater than three seconds to load. AMP methods exist to reduce the wait time for a mobile website page to load. AMP insists that mobile page designs focus on both display and delivery speed.

What can businesses do to ensure they adhere to AMP standards?

1) Abide by the three-second rule. The load time of each mobile page should take no more than three seconds.

2) Content restriction. Mobile content should be easy to load, don’t waste time on including many ads, and be careful when using tracking or analytics pixels.

3) Optimize for the Google search experience. Google has set the benchmark for AMP specifications. By adhering to Google’s insights on AMP, your site will perform better if found via Google’s search engine.

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