How we helped LMG develop a custom interactive multi-platform entertainment experience




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The challenge


ive Media Group (LMG) is an event and entertainment company that puts on over 800 live events a year, from large scale music festivals to fashion and sporting events. LMG was looking for a partner to expand their presence into the mobile space as the demand for live streaming has been growingly astronomically.

mobile app closeup
mobile app closeup

The solution


he Nowlive mobile app is a platform built specifically to stream live event broadcasts and features live event content from the areas of music, entertainment and sports.

Picture in Picture Streaming

Picture-in-Picture feature allows you to drag and drop the PiP video screens while you watch the main screen. You can switch between screens INSTANTLY with no buffering.

mobile app closeup
mobile app closeup

Immersive Experience

With the exclusive Grid View, you can view up to four screens in high definition SIMULTANEOUSLY.


You can interact with Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and other social channels in real time without ever leaving the viewing experience.

nowlive mobile app development client
nowlive mobile app development client

  The results

The iOS/Android app allows the user to watch multiple channels simultanesously, switch between channels instantly, watch high-definition video and because it is mobile - to watch it anywhere.

"Instead of the single linear television experience, we are producing a multistage experience. The user can watch as they will."

Brad Sexton, CEO of NowLive as published in USA Today


Services Rendered


Even the best brands in the world only get one shot at making a first impression. With this in mind, our UX strategists craft digital experiences that invite potential customers to intuitively engage with your websites and applications – and then come back.
We create beautiful digital ecosystems with return on investment in mind. The comprehensive data we collect and analyze heavily informs our design philosophy. With real insights, our creative team achieves real results.


We ensure that every step of our development process from start to finish will maintain a high level of quality that you would expect and anticipate when trusting someone else with your ideas. We pay attention to the details, no matter how small. We are proactive in our approach - we anticipate road blocks and prevent mistakes that will cost you time and money.


We define your user base and why your product matters. We achieve this through intensive testing and analysis wherein we assimilate existing research and user data, and assess the value proposition of your product in the marketplace.


Technology is in our DNA. Our expertise spans a multitude of key programming languages, platforms, and devices. No matter the performance or scale, we optimize every solution with your business's future in mind. We're always on the pulse of current and upcoming tech trends to maintain our high standard for innovative digital products.


Once your product is launched, we will work with you to not only maintain it, but also improve its performance and functionality. Our extensive post-launch support includes: monthly maintenance of content and/or technology; and reporting on organic traffic, leads generated, and customers acquired.