How we helped optimize Meineke's website to generate traffic and rapidly increase appointments


More appointments


More web sessions


Reduction in bounce rate

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The challenge

Meineke Car Care Centers is known for reinventing the automotive maintenance experience through technology, better scheduling, and a focus on customer experience with loyalty programs. Meineke then decided to reinvent the digital automotive maintenance experience.


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meineke site developed by xivic

The solution

Based on an analysis of their website and revenue, Meineke chose Xivic to design and engineer a new digital platform that could respond to modern automotive maintenance needs and behaviors. This included custom web development of three main platforms, including:


Xivic recommended they prioritize rethinking their scheduling experience and loyalty program in order to improve customer acquisition and conversion rates, repeat visits, and mobile engagement rates.


With the Meineke App, you can do everything from scheduling an appointment to viewing your entire vehicle repair history. It's also a quick and easy way to check out your Meineke Rewards points and rewards you've earned!


Xivic custom built an analytics hub that tracks all inbound calls, social media metrics, paid and organic traffic, mobile and desktop traffic, scheduling conversions and more - resulting in realtime data gathering and tracking for continuous optimization and improvement of the customer experience.

The results

After successfully A/B testing the new design against the old, the reinvented was released. The site has exceeded performance goals in the following areas:

Meineke Ranked #1

Entrepreneur Magazine 37th Annual Franchise Rankings, ranked Meineke #1 automotive repair and maintenance provider

meineke rewards closeup

Xivic helped Meineke improve

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