Enterprise SEO strategy for an Auto Repair Franchise - Meineke Case Study

#1 Rank

#1 National rank for 10 major search terms


More Sessions


More Visibility

Website Development client, Meineke company logo

The challenge


eineke is an authoritative brand, with national reach, having physical locations throughout 48 of the 50 states. The main challenge was maintaining the brand’s leading position on the market, while also optimizing for new search trends to meet the changing needs of the online market.

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The solution

Xivic leveraged Meineke’s brand strength to design and engineer a new digital platform that enhances user experience and facilitates search. In addition to UX updates, the strategy had a clear focus on “near me” optimization, as well as optimizing for voice search.

The results

After successfully A/B testing the new web design and rolling out the SEO strategies, the new digital platform generated excellent results in terms of traffic and organic growth.

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#1 Rank for Major Search Terms

Over the course of the SEO campaign, non-brand high-intent search queries attained #1 rank, each bringing in tens of thousands of pageviews to the site.

More Organic Traffic

Since the beginning of the campaign, the Meineke website saw significant increase in the number of sessions, as well as in the number of users, which grew by 2.2 million new annual users.

More Search Visibility

When compared to the two next competitors, Pepboys & Jiffylube, Meineke registered 30% more organic visibility, in terms of both number of keywords and average position.