How we helped Flo triple their online revenue through advanced SEO and Ecommerce optimization.


More organic clicks & impressions


Increase in Non-Branded Reach


More Online Revenue YoY

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The challenge

With a very specific target audience, and a specialized niche, Meet Flo was struggling to identify the top market keywords that would drive traffic, and increase online exposure. The highly technical component of their product also led to a cumbersome website, with an unyielding user experience.

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The solution

Xivic conducted an in-depth competitive analysis and built an SEO strategy that focused on bringing Meet Flo to the top of the competitive landscape. A website redesign was immediately underway, which enhanced the user experience, supported by on-page advanced SEO optimization, including metadata, schema markup, and other techniques. Extensive keyword research and analysis was conducted, which helped identify top market keywords.

  The results

The website redesign, together with the on-page optimization helped gain visibility, and improved user experience. The website extended its organic reach, and strengthened its online presence.

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Increase in Organic Traffic

Over the course of the SEO campaign with Xivic, has seen over 300% increase in organic clicks for each month. Search impressions have also grown, to over 600% higher, while pageviews have seen 205% growth YoY.

Increase in Search Impressions & Clicks saw an increase from 50 non-branded impressions a day in Google to now over 5,000 a day, often around 7-8,000 impressions / day. The website now almost gets as many clicks as it used to get in impressions.

Increase in Online Sales

Ecommerce revenue on the site is up from ~$113K in the first half of 2018, to over ~$339K in the first half of 2019, just under triple the amount, and it’s still growing.