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Google BERT Update

The Biggest Google Search Update In Years: BERT

By Xivic Team | November 7, 2019
In the final week of October, announced on Oct 24 2019, Google rolled out an entirely new algorithm update to their organic search engine, called BERT. Though similar to many of their other core updates with cute names like Panda…
ADA compliance website audit tools

Guide to WCAG & ADA Compliance Online Tools

By Xivic Team | October 25, 2019
How is ADA compliance related to WCAG standards? The American Disabilities Act was signed into law in 1990 and has been used as a policy foundation for requiring websites to be publicly accessible to all users, including disabled users with…
Types of organic traffic

The changing nature of “Organic” traffic

By Xivic Team | October 21, 2019
Whichever side of the client/customer relationship you’re on in the digital world, whether you’re giving reports or reading the reports, “Organic” traffic is the most significant data point in all of web traffic analysis. But what exactly is organic traffic?…
supreme court ada website compliance

Major Supreme Court Case Rules in Favor of ADA Website Compliance vs. Dominoes

By Xivic Team | October 16, 2019
The Supreme Court has rejected Domino’s appeal in a landmark ADA website compliance case. The decision could set a precedent and have widespread effects on any business or organization that operates a website in the United States, as they would…
Guide To Legal Risk of Website ADA Compliance

Legal Risk Guide to ADA and WCAG Site Compliance

By Xivic Team | October 14, 2019
What is the ADA? The Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into law in 1990, and require businesses that serve as “places of public accommodation” to remove “barriers to access” that would prevent a disabled person from suing that businesses…
ADA FAQs for Developers

ADA and WCAG FAQs for Developers

By Xivic Team | October 11, 2019
Why are Developers Being Tasked with Complying with ADA? Title III of the American Disabilities Act requires that businesses and other organizations’ websites are included in the “places of public accommodation” that entail all ADA compliance regulations. Any website with…
ADA compliance FAQ

ADA and WCAG FAQs for Website & Business Owners

By Xivic Team | October 4, 2019
How is the ADA an issue for Website or Business Owners? The American Disabilities Act (ADA) has been used in recent years increasingly that “barriers to access” is not limited to physical locations of business, but also freely available information…
franchise marketing solutions

4 Major Marketing Problems Facing Franchise Owners

By Xivic Team | September 26, 2019
Corporate vs. Franchisees: Most Common Marketing Issues For many franchise companies, the traditional advertising channels they were able to control in-house that drive leads and brand visibility  (such as portals, print advertising, PR) are not working as effectively as they…
How to Work Lightning Fast

How to Work Lightning Fast

By Xivic Team | September 20, 2019
Organize & Plan Tasks The conventional wisdom in digital work these days says that sometimes you just need to get started  to get things moving , that you shouldn’t worry too much about how you get into your work, just…