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rich cards for seo example

Rich Cards in SEO: How to create with schema for Google structured data

By Xivic Team | July 15, 2019
6-Step Guide to Creating Rich Cards for Google What Are Rich Cards? Google launched rich cards for SEO in 2016 as a new way for site owners to present previews of their content on the search engine results page. Rich…
ecommerce website personalization

Website Personalization in 2019

By Xivic Team | July 1, 2019
Providing personalized services has been a sales tactic for a long time now, and in the world of offline services, it has become so common that few ever notice it, but many respond to it. The same positive response is…

Near Me Optimization: The Truth About Local Intent

By Xivic Team | July 1, 2019
It’s been years since mobile queries, and specifically, voice searches have taken over, but the debate over the purpose and performance of “near me” optimization is still unsettled. Many content specialists warned website owners of the harm of incorporating the…
google search console closeup

What’s New with Google Search Console?

By Xivic Team | March 6, 2018
Marketers are always striving to improve their presence in Google searches – and Google is eager to help them do it. That’s basically what the Google Search Console is about. This back-end dashboard provides marketers and website owners with a…
amp development

Using AMP to Make Better Landing Pages

By Xivic Team | February 26, 2018
When Google introduced accelerated mobile pages (AMP), it had a modest goal – essentially just to create a way for websites to load faster on mobile devices. The AMP platform involves a coding language that streamlines and simplifies standard HTML,…
optimizing for voice search

How to Optimize Your Website for Google Voice Search

By Xivic Team | February 3, 2018
The way people search the Web is changing – and it’s imperative that your SEO efforts change with it. One of the biggest shake-ups in search is the rise of voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and of course…
voice search optimization

Voice Search Strategy: Site Optimization Tips for Marketers

By Xivic Team | December 7, 2017
Thanks to digital assistants like Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and Google Assistant, voice search is growing at an incredibly fast pace. ComScore estimates that by 2020 half of all searches will be carried out via voice command. In order to prepare…
SEO image

SEO Trends in 2017

By Xivic Team | July 11, 2017
An Interview with VP of Experience Strategy, Meri Gulyan. The SEO industry is always evolving, so it pays to be aware of what your competitors are doing, and why. In order to accomplish competitive dominance, you should be aware of…
woman using app

The Best Mobile Apps for Your Business

By Xivic Team | June 30, 2017
Increasing productivity and workflow one app at a time… If you’re looking to increase productivity and organization and make your life at a small business a little easier, a good app or two can do the trick. At Xivic, we’ve…