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Website Content Accessibility Guidelines and What it Means to Your Business

By Xivic Team | June 30, 2017
Is your company’s website WCAG 2.0 compliant? What is WCAG, and What’s the Issue? The vast world of the Internet was built to free us from the limitations of “offline life”. It was designed to work for ALL people –…
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Tips for Working Better with Your Clients

By Xivic Team | June 30, 2017
Four ways to get the best results with your clients, from day one. There are dozens of marketing agencies out there and more cropping up every day, so it’s important for me to spend time every month on tasks that…
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Take Care of Your Team – Keep Them Happy and Healthy

By Xivic Team | June 27, 2017
Ensuring the health and happiness of your team is paramount in creating a positive company culture, and leads to the best work. When you’re managing people, because you own the company, or you’ve been promoted (congrats), leading a team can…
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Ways to Keep Communication Alive with a Mobile Workforce

By Xivic Team | June 21, 2017
For company-related information, the right amount of communication is key We have two offices — one in Los Angeles, and the other in Romania — and we go to great lengths to keep both offices informed and in communication with…
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How Digital Agencies Can Have Better Relationships with Clients

By Xivic Team | June 13, 2017
The rise of digital and mobile has fundamentally changed agency’s relationships with their clients. Now, everything from strategy to execution seems to move faster than ever, but with all of these new demands to keep pace with an exponentially growing…
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Mobile Marketing Trends in 2017

By Xivic Team | June 6, 2017
Insights from our Chief Strategist, Bahman Zakeri. The presence of mobile marketing has quickly transformed where advertising dollars are spent. In fact, media buying agency Zenith predicts that 75% of online content will be mobile by the end of 2017.…
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4 E-Mail Marketing Tips for Business Leaders

By Xivic Team | May 16, 2017
E-mail Marketing in 2017. Still here, and still going strong. E-mails aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, they are still one of the number one ways to personally connect with your audience. A customer’s inbox can be pretty intimate,…
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A Compliance Checklist for your businessUNDERSTANDING GDPR

By Xivic Team | May 12, 2017
Is your organization ready for GDPR? The new EU privacy law takes effect in less than 10 days so let’s review how to prepare your business to be fully compliant. If you’re already familiar with GDPR, check out our GDPR Compliance Checklist to…
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Upgrade Legacy Systems for Your Existing Clients

By Xivic Team | April 6, 2017
Technology is constantly being improved – and for that reason alone, it is valuable for companies to consider upgrading their Content Management System (CMS). An upgraded CMS can work more efficiently and prove less costly to maintain, so in a…