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Snapchat Wins Olympic Gold

By Xivic Team | October 26, 2016
And the Gold Medal for viewership at the #Rio2016 Olympics goes to… Snapchat! The social media platform had almost 50 million viewers in the first week alone. Let’s take a look at why everyone seems to agree that Snapchat earned the…
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The Benefits of UX for Startups and VCs

By Xivic Team | October 26, 2016
A good technology partner will bring together a well-developed user interface and experience (UX) to create an immersive experience. This approach ensures your business goals are met, while offering a seamless user experience. Each digital product is only as good…

Hit The Road, Jack! Inside Apple’s iPhone 7 Announcement

By Xivic Team | September 8, 2016
There was anticipation from many of us in the office come yesterday morning. We’d heard rumors that perhaps THE announcement from Apple would actually happen. Well, it did. And, we’re mostly left feeling a sense of “Good” with a dash…
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Testing Is King: Our Takeaway from Silicon Beach Fest ’16

By Xivic Team | August 29, 2016
One theme resounded above the rest at last week’s Silicon Beach Fest in Los Angeles. According to the speakers, panel experts, and attendees – businesses are moving towards roll-out plans that rely more heavily on trial. Trial periods aren’t limited…