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Why Accelerated Mobile Pages are Important

By Xivic Team | March 17, 2017
There’s no arguing about the fact that mobile is our future. Current trends are moving from desktop-first to mobile-first. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a return to the holistic model of delivering content specifically for mobile. which is basically, a…
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Traditional Ad Agencies Need to Evolve

By Xivic Team | February 16, 2017
Data is now the driving force behind creative. One of our mantras, and perhaps the most important mantra driving our direction is this: marketing has become the business of technology. Data-led strategy is key. Data and research are now the…
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The Evergrowing Need for Landing Pages

By Xivic Team | February 14, 2017
Effective marketing depends on a smooth user experience. Whether doing an organic Google search or clicking on a paid ad, users want to quickly locate the information they’re looking for, with minimal hassle. As a marketer, part of your job…
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Many Startups are Borrowing Money these Days – Why?

By Xivic Team | January 31, 2017
Whether you’re taking on debt or, seeking investors – does it really matter? According to Lizette Chapman at Bloomberg, venture capitalists invested more than $79 billion in start-ups at “often unsustainable valuations” in 2015. Venture capitalists, recognizing the problem, were more…
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4 Marketing Problems Facing Franchise Owners

By Xivic Team | January 27, 2017
Corporate vs. Franchisees: Why the confrontation? For many franchise companies, the traditional advertising channels to drive leads and brand visibility – portals, print advertising, PR – are not working as effectively as they were 2-3 years ago. Customers are more…
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Looking Ahead to 2017 – A Mobile-First World

By Xivic Team | January 4, 2017
Forget second, third, and even fourth screen options when reaching your target audience – let’s focus on what’s first. Mobile. The world has evolved into a mobile-first society. We are choosing to use our smartphones every single day at an…
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Does Your Mobile App Idea Have Legs?

By Xivic Team | December 20, 2016
Less than 1 percent of consumer mobile apps are successful. How can you ensure that your idea has legs and can actually make it in a saturated marketplace? According to Meri Gulyan, our VP of Experience Strategy, coming up with…
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Trying to Raise Money for Your Start-up?

By Xivic Team | December 2, 2016
Investors. You need them. We promise. They come in many forms, traditional and not so traditional. In this day and age, raising funds for your startup is definitely easier than it used to be (anyone heard of Kickstarter?), but it…
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Snapchat Wins Olympic Gold

By Xivic Team | October 26, 2016
And the Gold Medal for viewership at the #Rio2016 Olympics goes to… Snapchat! The social media platform had almost 50 million viewers in the first week alone. Let’s take a look at why everyone seems to agree that Snapchat earned the…