How to Choose the Right Magento Partner for your migration

The 3 Must-Haves For Any Magento Developers You Hire

Magento is one of the most used eCommerce platforms on the web today; 1 out of every 10 sites online uses Magento. However, many businesses still have trouble deciding on which Magento version is the best for their business needs. This leaves many managers and IT professionals with a tough call to make.

However, working with an experienced — and Magento certified — web development company that provides Magento support and solutions can help bridge the gap. Both versions of Magento users (paid and unpaid) will benefit from working with a Magento partner. Let’s take a look at the core abilities any Magento development agency will need:

Officially Magento Certified

The Magento Solution Partner Program allows companies like Xivic to become officially certified in all Magento processes and procedures. Magento even tailors the program to the size, platform experience and portfolio of the partners, such as B2B or B2C focus or global or regional reach. This allows for potential Magneto users and eCommerce businesses to find the partner that most specifically fulfills their requirements, and allows those agencies to provide full turnkey service in all aspects of Magento’s platform.

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There’s another benefit to the certification program, and that is to ingratiate the partnering agencies and developers into the Magento software from the inside-out. For example, Xivic’s own certified in-house, on-staff developers have published Magento extensions that are used in the Magento community. This offers another layer of integration and seamlessness. 

Years of Magento Experience

As the Partner Program suggests, the length of time working with Magento is a major factor in the ability of the Magento Partner a business could be working with. Software (including all iterations of Magento 1.x and Magento 2) goes through multiple stages over years and historical or backward knowledge of the software platform is invaluable to achieving project goals efficiently.  Prospective Magento customers should look for at least 5+ years of experience (for instance, Xivic has 7).

Size & Structure

Since a company’s Magento partner will likely be needed to be fully integrated with the entire production and hosting of the website, an extremely responsive and communicative team should be a top priority. Any company investing heavily in their eCommerce cannot afford downtime in their online shop, which requires a large, responsive, dynamic agency that can provide a certain level of secure & robust support. Simply asking about the size of the trained development staff can be a major indicator of the strength of their Magento ability. 

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