Mobile App Development & Design

Find the cutting edge of iOS, Android and web application development for a mobile business strategy in a moving marketplace

We have worked with all types and sizes of businesses to provide turnkey applications on iOS, Android and the web. Not only do we create cutting edge mobile apps built for the latest technology and devices, but our strategic technical experience will help guide your team in identifying the most efficient solutions with the greatest opportunities for ROI and business growth in a complex landscape of changing devices and technologies.

The major mobile platforms and devices

Our 100+ experienced app developers have expertise across all major and relevant mobile platforms, devices and technologies. 

iOS, Android, Web: Nearly 99% of mobile applications are developed for either Apple’s iOS operating system for mobile iPhones & iPads, Google’s Android mobile OS for tablets and phones like Samsung, or the traditional web via web browsers like Google Chrome or Internet Explorer (IE).

Internal, External, B2B, B2C: Not all mobile apps are for B2C marketing or e-commerce purposes. Apps for internal office or employees such as scheduling or requesting time off can keep your staff on track and your accounting accurate. Custom mobile solutions for B2B billing, invoice or job tracking are popular as well. Xivic will guide your team through the best solutions for any obstacle.

Latest Ecommerce: Whether you already use Shopify, Magento, WordPress or another custom shopping cart or online store software, our team can build you a turnkey solution that works with your mobile app across all common mobile devices and platforms. 

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100% Designed Start-to-Finish for UX

Our User Experience design team works every step of the way with our app development team, allowing for total control over the app layout process and customer funnel. 

Graphic Design: All our design is in-house and will provide you with a design and graphical interface that speaks to your users and compliments your brand and business goals. Perhaps you need a slick, crisp app built for the 2020s. Or maybe you need a utilitarian minimalist design, either way, we have you covered.

Flow & Funnel: Much like storyboarding a movie, your app needs to move users intelligently from point A to the goal of Point B quickly and seamlessly. Xivic applies tested user funnel strategies while leaving open the flexibility to edit and change course based on user data and decisions.

Client Collaboration: We’re not opaque. You’ll be involved with the design of your app every step of the way, from seeing wireframes and storyboards of your app’s user step funnel, to suggesting graphics & color changes, to crafting messaging and content. 

Technical Background

We stay up to date on the latest data retention, software protection, and security vulnerabilities to position your digital projects uniquely against safety and stability issues for your users and employees. 

Security: Protecting you and your user’s data is of the utmost importance, especially in today’s business and political climate. Xivic stresses security from every level of the development process, including internal code protection from external threats, bots and DDOS hacks, as well as user-side security such as passwords and account logins. 

Measurement: We implement the latest measurement technologies such as Google Firebase, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Adobe and any other third-party tracking if your team needs to integrate historical numbers with existing data. 

Pushing the Envelope Forward (and back): The fast-paced nature of the mobile landscape today can seem daunting to any business that wants to keep its app up-to-date, secure and compatible with the prevailing popular devices. Xivic’s development not only takes into account future changing compatibility issues, but also legacy devices for your users who may not have the latest technology.


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Q&A on Mobile Application Design & Development

How do I know if my business needs an app?

Apps are a particular solution to one of many digital obstacles or challenges your business may face. There are pros and cons for different apps and web applications just like any strategy, and Xivic will guide your team through the most efficient and opportunistic solutions available online today.

How long until my app is out of date?

Xivic maintains native compatibility as long as we manage the project, meaning we fully take care of all functionality, compatibility and security changes as we encounter them. No web team can predict what future unique challenges an application may face, but  Xivic is uniquely positioned to be on the forefront of the mobile sphere of the web. 

How do you measure the effectiveness of a custom mobile app?

Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Google Firebase and Google Tag Manager are just a few of the major measuring services and data analytics tracking applications we employ and manage. Xivic tracks and measures all basic and advanced user and web traffic insights and will walk your team through reporting and measuring every step of the way from start to finish of data retention and tracking to driving insights and growth.

How long does it take to make an app?

Simple informational (often called brochure apps) can take as little as a couple of weeks to build across multiple platforms. More extensive custom developed application projects, such as eCommerce or shopping carts, can take several months. 

What types of businesses are best suited for apps?

Any business can employ an app to overcome a particular business objective or obstacle. Apps can be informational in nature, can generate leads, can interact directly with users, can act as digital marketplaces and communication centers for B2B and B2C contact -- and that’s just the most standard solutions. Companies across the globe from corporations to small businesses use apps internally for fleet tracking, employing GPS and monitoring, or to schedule and manage staff such as restaurant employee scheduling software. If you need it, Xivic can build it.

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