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"Crammed in the middle seat, right behind the bathroom, just praying for a quick trip. Now, your in-flight discomfort is another passenger's potential gain."

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The Challenge

An entreprenuer from San Diego had an idea. What if I wanted to move seats on my airline flight? Would someone be willing to buy or sell their seat?
The Challenge

The Solution

Seateroo, a mobile application, is the first peer-to-peer marketplace for airline seat swaps. Seateroo supports every aspect of the market: order entry, negotiation, electronic payments, and more.


Payment and bank account info is used for an easy to use, safe and secure peer to peer payment system.


User Experience

Armed with data through rigorus user testing, the Seateroo app is user-friendly with an easy set up for even easier usage.


Disruptive Business

Never has there been an airline seat swapping with monetization between travellers - we mapped out the entire exchange through a unique business logic and product architecture.

The Results

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A new app is giving you the chance to swap seats with other passengers - for a price, of course.

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With the app economy becoming saturated to the extent that almost anything imaginable is now a sellable commodity, Seateroo is hoping to free up desirable air tickets for sale - with a mark-up.

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Pay a passenger to move. Yes, there is an app for that.

Services Rendered

User Experience

Even the best brands in the world only get one shot at making a first impression. With this in mind, our UX strategists craft digital experiences that invite potential customers to intuitively engage with your websites and applications – and then come back.

User Experience

Experience Testing & Analysis

Creative Design

Technical Development

Quality Assurance


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