Sitefinity CMS Development

Set your website apart with a secure CMS via a custom Sitefinity site - developed by our Sitefinity Certified Team.


Xivic agency partners with Sitefinity to help large organizations engage with customers and do more business online, while exceeding customer expectations and delivering the best experiences.

Optimal CMS Configuration

Whether you’re on the cusp of launching a new website or you want to build an enterprise portal, our team will provide you with critical insight on how Sitefinity can help achieve your unique business objectives.

  • Strategic Consulting: our knowledgeable, approachable and dedicated team will thoroughly assess the benefits of a potential Sitefinity CMS implementation for your company.
  • Exceptional CMS: should the initial assessment prove rewarding, you’ll benefit from an intuitive system that allows you to create, store, manage, and present content on your website(s). Personalization: create personas and set scoring rules to identify user groups allowing you to deliver truly personalized content, interactions, and experiences across channels and to each and every customer.
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Multi-Device Integration

90% of people are switching between devices to accomplish a goal. With Xivic agency and Sitefinity, your website will be ready to process multiple requests.

  • Seamless Experiences: our team will ensure the integration of responsive design into your web content management in order to adapt pages and navigation for any device and screen size.
  • Native Apps: we leverage cross-platform NativeScript framework and Telerik platform services to cut down on native app development time by 50-80%, while delivering a superb user experience
  • Optimization: take advantage of machine learning that provides data-driven recommendations to marketers on how to increase conversions.

Sitefinity CMS Development Q&A

I want to migrate to Sitefinity, can you help?

Yes. Xivic is a Sitefinity partner and our team has the experience you need to help with the automation of the migration process as much as possible. Our initial assessment will also provide you with advice on content architecture.

Do I need a separate license for all my environments?

No, once you purchase a Sitefinity license, it comes with an unlimited number of subdomains for non-production purposes. In addition, our team will be able to help with purchasing and using any license key.

Why do I need Sitefinity?

The CMS will help you create, store, manage, and present content on your website and if you have multiple websites, it allows you to easily manage them all. This means content and templates can be reused across multiple sites, while modules can be enabled or disabled so that every site can have its own configuration.

Can’t I just buy a license and implement it myself?

Sitefinity CMS is a modern business platform utilizing the latest technology, so complete new development or maintenance of Sitefinity websites and their components can be quite complex. At Xivic, we break down digital complexity and help guide you through the process, making sure that your website or websites meet the quality standards needed for deployment on live environments.

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