Snapchat Wins Olympic Gold

And the Gold Medal for viewership at the #Rio2016 Olympics goes to... Snapchat!

The social media platform had almost 50 million viewers in the first week alone. Let's take a look at why everyone seems to agree that Snapchat earned the title as the most influential media platform in Brazil during the games - ahead of Instagram, Facebook and even traditional TV coverage.

Broadcast giants NBC and BBC used the app to connect with millennial audiences at insanely high rate, with almost 1 in 3 daily Snapchat users viewing the Olympic clips with Live Stories.

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Snapchat cleverly used the Stories feature with a mix of amateur photos and videos with professional footage from news broadcasters. The resulting coverage was a seamless blend of highly organized, crowd-sourced content.

Snapchat's partnerships with NBC and Buzzfeed to curate the Snapchat Stories channels throughout the Olympics provided the springboard for such high usage.

One thing is certain: Snapchat account game-changers arose throughout the Olympics. One account in particular, whose Snapchat coverage was praised over social media, was American comedian Leslie Jones. Snapchat and Leslie Jones had to have had the same feeling about the Olympics in Rio – "Best Olympics Ever!"

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