Facebook Advertising & Instagram Ad Campaigns

Reach hyper-targeted audiences and create unparalleled opportunities with customized paid social campaigns.

Tailored paid social campaigns are an effective means to promote content, drive sign-ups or installs, or generate sales directly from Facebook and Instagram. With billions of daily users, social platforms have created immense opportunities for companies to reach accurate targets.

Initial Analysis & Campaign Setup

Identifying market opportunities that are specific to your industry or niche helps tailor paid Facebook and Instagram campaigns that generate better results, faster.

  • Marketing Insights: Our team will conduct a market analysis to identify the right opportunities for your business, as well as any potential challenges, and gather the insights needed to create an execution plan.
  • Paid Social Strategy: Based on the initial analysis and identified opportunities, our paid social strategy is aimed at specific KPIs, as to maximize growth.
  • Rollout Plan: Our rollout plan will focus on both immediate, quick wins, and long term, scalable objectives. Both Facebook and Instagram ads allow for flexible goals, which can be strategically adapted along the way.
Facebook and Instagram Advertising
Facebook Advertising & Instagram Campaigns

Facebook Advertising & Instagram Campaigns

From setting up the campaign platforms to managing accounts, our dedicated team will run effective campaigns end to end, helping you reach better-targeted customers.

Tactical Implementation: Focusing on timely, tactical steps, we’ll roll out a scalable execution plan, helping you choose the best advertising options, from desktop newsfeed to mobile-specific ads.
Campaign Optimization: Our paid social team continuously tracks the performance of your campaign, and makes the necessary adjustments along the way to maximize results. We leverage insights to get more wins.
Account Management: Our dedicated account managers oversee campaigns in their entirety, making sure you have all the support needed every step of the way.

Paid Social Reporting

  • Campaign Tracking: We track conversion for both Facebook and Instagram ads, helping you set up any custom conversions you may want to monitor.
  • Remarketing: Facebook and Instagram ads are a great way to remarket to users who have visited your website in the past. We’ll help start your remarketing efforts, then track and report on performance.
  • Audience Insights Reports: Our team can run audience insights reports at any time, allowing you to see the targeting performance at any stage of the campaign, as well as the end of campaign reports to show conversions and achievements.
Paid Social Reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do social ads cost?

Social ads generally operate on a bidding system, much like Google ads too, and the cost per click ranges widely depending on the competitive landscape. In order to get the most out of the ad solutions provided by social platform, a business should allocate at least $100 a day media spend.

Are social ads better than Google ads?

Paid social campaigns are different than PPC campaigns in the sense that they allow you to advertise before there’s even a search or intent from the user. Social ads enable brands to target ideal customers, based on their likes or interests.

How fast can I see results from social ads?

Results from paid social campaigns vary, but typically paid acquisition campaigns usually deliver results within the first 3 months.

Are Facebook ads more important than Instagram ads?

The choice of platform for social ads depends on the type of audience you are targeting. Facebook is still the largest social media site, with over 2 billion monthly users, while Instagram is growing at a faster pace and tends to encompass younger audiences.

Can content marketing generate leads for my business?

Yes, it has been proven that the right content marketing strategy generates more leads and it’s more cost-effective than paid search.

Why is paid social so important?

Paid social allows you to better target your audience than any other platform because the targeting is based on customers’ likes, interests, and behavior. It also enables businesses to lower their customer acquisition costs, and advertise to users even before they search for products or services.

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