Social Media Marketing

Grow your social presence and build on your digital marketing efforts holistically.

A strong social media presence intrinsically links to all other digital marketing efforts. It helps your brand and your business not only reach but connect with the right audience and build authority.


Social Media Audits

Auditing is always the first step, as it allows us to determine performance benchmarks and analyze your audience and content across all channels.

  • Brand Visibility: Our audits will allow us to determine what you’re doing well already and what can be improved, depending on your brand visibility and engagement.
  • Audience Analysis:  Social media channels are a great avenue for reaching a broader audience and our audit will allow us to determine growth sources, reached vs. engaged audience, as well as core interests.
  • Content Analysis: Our team will help determine the top-performing topics and content types for your brand, as well as the optimal posting schedule.
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Social Media Strategy

Social media advertising plays by different rules than traditional marketing. Our custom strategies will help your customers connect with your brand.   

  • Multi-channel Strategy: Our initial audit will allow us to identify the best channels or networks for your social media presence, so we can draft an encompassing, yet relevant strategy.
  • Posting & Promotion:  Our content plan and posting schedule are directed at engagement. We’ll ensure consistent publishing behavior across all accounts.
  • Influence Growth: With engaging content and a multi-channel strategy, you’ll be able to build your influence and strengthen your brand authority.

Social Media Management

Everything you need to be successful on social media networks.  

  • Ongoing Optimization: If auditing your social presence and crafting a strategy is not enough, our team can handle everything for you, from day-to-day creation and publishing to continuous optimization of posts.
  • Community Management: We want your followers and fans to feel loved, so our community management service ensures that all comments and questions are answered promptly.
  • Social Media Reporting: We make reporting easy and provide you with a snapshot of all key metrics, including brand visibility, audience growth, and engagement metrics.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does social media management work?

Social media marketing costs vary largely, depending on the suite of services required, the channel and the strategies used. However, it is generally more cost-effective than paid media advertising.

What is social media reputation management?

It’s the process of eliminating negative mentions or social media posts about your brand, as well as tracking and monitoring your professional presence to build credibility and strengthen your brand.


Why is social media advertising important?

3-billion people around the world use social media on a monthly basis. Regardless of your business or industry, you need a social media presence to build brand awareness and connect with consumers.

Is social media advertising cost-effective?

Social media marketing costs vary largely, depending on the suite of services required, the channel and the strategies used. However, it is generally more cost-effective than paid media advertising.

Which social platforms should a business use?

The choice of social media channels is based on the industry vertical of a business and its target niche. The initial audit will allow us to determine which platforms are best for your specific needs.

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