The Best Mobile Apps for Your Business

Increasing productivity and workflow one app at a time...

If you're looking to increase productivity and organization and make your life at a small business a little easier, a good app or two can do the trick. At Xivic, we've created hundreds of mobile apps for our clients, and have found a few that help us out at both our LA and Romania offices.

Accessibility and efficiency are the two most important features apps can offer if they want to be utilized by a small business. Examples are banking, payroll, scheduling, and operations, etc. for big-picture use. Many small businesses don't have the extra manpower to take ownership of various roles that are held by HR managers, controllers, admins, and others in larger corporations.

At Xivic, we've used a lot of IoT. Our security system is supported by August and Nest, which I can control on mobile. It's so convenient to check on my office anytime, and lock the door remotely. I also love Skywell, which creates water from the atmosphere. It saves on the water bill, and is good for the environment. For our file storage, we use Dropbox, and for secure login and password management, we use LastPass. I know that many on my team use Evernote to help with productivity.

For our clients, we recommend push notifications, but only when it makes sense. With Meineke, for example, push notifications are sent to customers when their cars are in need of an oil change. The push notification reminds them that it's time to make an appointment, and also includes a coupon that they can use during their next visit to Meineke's Car Care Center.

If you have an app idea, or have any questions about utilizing any of the apps or features I've mentioned above, don't hesitate to reach out for a free consultation.