The Evergrowing Need for Landing Pages

Effective marketing depends on smooth user experience.

Whether doing an organic Google search or clicking on a paid ad, users want to quickly locate the information they’re looking for, with minimal hassle. As a marketer, part of your job is ensuring that your audience has a clear path to the information they seek—ultimately leading to a conversion.


Landing Pages and Search Experience

Landing pages are a huge part of that. A landing page is usually a brief piece of content that is singularly focused on one topic—for example, a landing page might cover a certain product or service. Landing pages are important for a few reasons:

  • Because they are so narrowly focused, they provide clear, clutter-free information, and they tend to load quite quickly—giving users what they want, right away.
  • They also make it easy for you to personalize the search experience; a user might click on a PPC ad for a particular product and be taken to a page that’s just about that product. This enhances the user experience (the content seems like it was developed just for them!) but also creates a clear path to conversion.

The bottom line: Landing pages create a personalized search experience that increases the likelihood of conversion, and also raise your ads’ quality scores. But of course, all of this hinges on your landing pages being developed and implemented strategically.

The Signs of an Effective Landing Page

A landing page is very different from, say, your company home page, which might give the visitor a comprehensive overview of all the things your business does. A landing page, by contrast:

  • Stays focused on a single topic throughout the page.
  • Prompts the visitors to take one, clearly-defined action. This action can be main or micro conversions.
  • It is designed to receive traffic from one or a few specific sources—e.g., an email or PPC campaign.
  • Either omits or downplays navigation options, further keeping the user-focused.

How to Create Effective Landing Pages

When it comes to actually create your landing pages, these are some recommendations to keep in mind:

  • Limit the text on the page; remember, people, are looking for quick answers/information. Brevity is key to landing page success.
  • Write a strong headline for your landing page, something that jumps out and grabs attention.
  • Include plenty of strong, high-quality images to underscore the content of the page.
  • For landing pages focused on products or services, it’s important to establish trust—so things like customer reviews, warranty seals, and other trust icons are key. Include them when you can.
  • Keep the page clean and uncluttered; eliminate any navigation options that might distract your user.
  • Always have a clear call to action. Don’t offer the user several options—options are a barrier.

Make Landing Pages Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Successful marketing provides the user with a streamlined and personal search experience—and landing pages play a critical role. To learn more about landing page development and its importance to digital marketing, reach out to Xivic today. We’re happy to offer a free 30-minute consultation.