Tips for Working Better with Your Clients

Four ways to get the best results with your clients, from day one.

team sitting at table

There are dozens of marketing agencies out there and more cropping up every day, so it's important for me to spend time every month on tasks that will make Xivic excel and stand out.

For me, it's not so much about running social media campaigns, or handing out print collateral at events, (which we still do) but it's also really important to take care of our current and past clients, and letting the work turn into more business, or even a referral.

So, why would a client choose Xivic over all of the others, and keep coming back? Here are some tips for how we strive to get the best results when working with our clients.

  • Communication -- We ask the client to be upfront with us, and tell us exactly what they want, and we do the same. If something isn't working, we voice it. We don't need to sugarcoat anything. The earlier an issue is caught and addressed, the easier it is to fix.
  • Accountability – We are accountable for what we say we'll deliver, and we expect the same. If we need something from our clients, we want to set realistic timeframes for getting it. If they're delayed, then it might cause a delay on our end. There is cause and effect to consider here – so both sides should be aware of this.
  • Trust -- Our clients hire us for a reason. If they can't trust us, then maybe we're not the right partners. We want to be a true partner in every sense. After all, we are accountable for outcomes just as much as they are.
  • Expectations -- Set expectations from the get go, and not just about the project itself… we talk about billing, communication efficiencies, setting weekly touch points, etc. We make sure that we know what they expect and it's clear, and they know what to expect from us, and how to get questions answered. There is nothing more inefficient (and frustrating) than going around in circles.

Ultimately, our ability to produce driving results in any marketing initiative is directly tied to our client's collaboration. Setting the right expectations upfront on both sides and aligning on strategic objectives is the key to success and avoiding catastrophe.