Upgrade Legacy Systems for Your Existing Clients

Technology is constantly being improved – and for that reason alone, it is valuable for companies to consider upgrading their Content Management System (CMS).

An upgraded CMS can work more efficiently and prove less costly to maintain, so in a very real way, CMS upgrades can essentially pay for themselves.

That’s doubly challenging for creative agencies, which face the need to upgrade not only their own systems but the systems being employed by their clients. Say that you clients are working with a legacy system; in order to help achieve the results they’re looking for, you may need to urge them to step up to a new CMS, whether that be WordPress, Magento 2, or Sitefinity based on their needs, and provide help with the implementation.

team at table using laptop

This is something Xivic does. We like to stay on the cutting edge of technology and to keep our clients there as well. As such we proudly offer CMS options that support full marketing solutions; optimized social media, enhanced customer engagement; even attractive, feature-rich websites with complete mobile-first optimization.

Some additional perks include:

  • Smooth upgrade of an existing website, facilitating expedient information flow
  • Full CMS Development
  • Security updates, whenever needed
  • Maintenance specific to e-commerce, including payment integration, shop help, content upgrades, and more
  • Data Backups
  • SEO updates to keep up with algorithmic changes
  • Language support and content localization

Changing a CMS is quite often a valuable way to lower costs and boost efficiency – and it’s something we recommend all clients consider.

Contact us for a free consultation about your CMS upgrade options.