ADA Compliant Websites

Improve accessibility for all users with
a website fully-compliant with the
American Disabilities Act (ADA).


What is WCAG?

Make your website accessible
to anyone and everyone

Web accessibility has become increasingly important, as websites are wanting to ensure there are no barriers that prevent users with disabilities from interacting with their content or even accessing it. With the correct design and UX, your website can provide equal access to information and functionality to all users.


Text alternatives
Provide text alternatives for any non-text content so that it can be converted into other forms people need.

Video alternatives
Provide alternatives for video and audio. Closed captions and audio descriptions are required for time-synced video.

Adaptable content
Create content that can be presented in different ways without losing information or structure.

Clarity and contrast
Provide adequate color contrast and reduce visual clutter that affects legibility.


Keyboard accessibleMake all functionality available from a keyboard.

Don’t rushProvide users with enough time to read and use content.

Seizure safetyDo not design content that might trigger a seizure for people with photosensitive epilepsy.

NavigationProvide multiple, intuitive ways for users to navigate content.


ReadableProvide multiple, intuitive ways for users to navigate content.

PredictableMake pages appear and operate in predictable ways.

Input assistanceHelp users to avoid making mistakes; make corrections easy.


CompatibleMaximize compatibility across devices and make sure content is compatible with assistive technologies.

Our WCAG Services

From Consultation to Full Repair

Whether you have a team of people and just need some guidance, or you need full help getting your website or app compliant - we're able to help.

  • We'll scan your site for free and let you know where the problems are, giving you a unique and necessary insight into what's not compliant.
  • Our team of WCAG professionals can manually audit your site - the only way to truly find and log every accessibility violation.
  • We'll work with you to fix it - either to create tickets in your favorite Development platform for your team to handle, or simply to fix it for you.

Get started for free now and receive your free scan results.

We'll take care of it

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Web Accessibility Compliance Audit

Any strategic planning is based on an audit that allows us to create a robust framework for what needs to be done.

  • Consultancy: we’ve worked with hundreds of companies and brands to ensure their digital online presence is compliant and we’ll put our considerable knowledge at your disposal bringing accessibility expertise into your company.
  • Website Evaluation: we review every single element of your website, app or document to assess their operability and understandability.
  • Site Compliance: we make an accurate determination of how compatible your website is with current WCAG guidelines and future accessibility tools.

Accessibility Testing

Just like usability testing, this will garner valuable insight into how users with varying abilities are able to interact with your website

  • Testing Framework: we’ll provide an in-depth testing framework that will help discover how easy it is for your users to hear and see your content, to understand it and avoid mistakes, as well as how functional your content is for users with disabilities.
  • Testing Audience: we will put your website in front of a wide range of users with varying abilities, as everybody should be able to access your products and services, not just web-savvy consumers and able-bodied.
  • Insights Reporting: our team will provide you with complete, straightforward reporting to serve as the base for future strategy.

Strategic Planning

Construct the strategy you need to build accessibility into your website and across all platforms or devices.

  • Robust Framework: based on the initial site evaluation and testing insights, we’ll provide you with a robust framework that supports your web content accessibility compliance efforts.
  • Customized Training: our tailored resources and training sessions will help you and your team understand the benefits of accessibility and best practice to implement.
  • Foundational SEO Included: web content accessibility guidelines are strictly connected with your website’s content, which impacts SEO, therefore our strategy always includes an SEO angle.

WCAG Compliance Q&A