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Xivic, a modern technology consulting firm that supercharges clients' businesses with hyperautomation solutions, unleashing unprecedented innovation. We don't just strategize your digital revolution; our expert consultants actively collaborate with you to deploy intelligent, interconnected systems that drive unparalleled efficiency and innovation.

Driving Intelligent Outcomes

Embrace the future, and let Xivic accelerate your journey towards a hyperautomated, competitive edge. We challenge normal!

Strategy & Consulting

We uncover growth potential and facilitate customer evolution.

Numerous businesses possess abundant data, yet lack actionable insights. Our consultants masterfully combine unrivaled analytics and behavioral science expertise with a pragmatic approach to guide clients in recognizing opportunities and formulating strategies that yield transformative customer experiences.

We have counseled some of the world's most distinguished customer experience brands and digital trailblazers—from Comcast to Staples—on crafting enhanced experiences for their customers, generating substantial returns for their companies. Our proven methodology, grounded in scientific principles and emphasizing market feasibility, fosters confidence and support, leading to decisive action.

From audience identification and comprehension to purchase pathways and portfolio optimization, Xivic can address your needs, whether they involve brand strategy formulation, product or service design, digital touchpoint refinement, or portfolio enhancements. Embrace the future of hyperautomation and intelligent connectivity with us as your trusted partner.

Data Science & Analytics

Proactive customer analytics: prediction and prescription.

The realm of customer analytics is brimming with data, yet there is a scarcity of individuals possessing the expertise, tools, and analytical acumen to transform customer insights into exceptional experiences. These experiences, bolstered by improved customer retention, lifetime value, and overall profitability, should be the driving force behind your business decisions.

Our team dynamically captures real-time human responses (such as attitudes, needs, and emotions) during customer interactions—both direct (e.g., paid media and CRM communications) and indirect (e.g., reviews and social media posts). By integrating this comprehensive view of customer behavior with our all-encompassing datasets, predictive models, and top-tier business intelligence, we construct and deliver optimized customer experiences through outcome forecasting and engagement-enhancing strategy prescriptions. With measurement embedded across every touchpoint, the continuous optimization and enhancement of key metrics become your new norm.

Ultimately, our ability to synthesize multi-source customer data into coherent portraits of actual individuals—including their current and future selves—enables our analytics tools to help you design superior customer journeys, boost customer acquisition, satisfaction, and loyalty, and ultimately forge more resilient customer relationships. Embrace the era of hyperautomation and intelligent connectivity with Xivic as your trusted ally.

Experience Design

Crafting indispensable customer experiences

In a world where customers dictate the rules, businesses often scramble to keep up with their evolving needs and preferences. Consequently, experience design becomes a never-ending series of disjointed initiatives that barely improve the customer experience.

While agility is crucial, it's equally important to develop a cohesive, unified experience strategy that optimizes business value and customer engagement. This approach prevents redesign efforts from focusing solely on transactional moments and ensures the customer experience is relevant across your organization's leadership.

Our journey commences with your customer at the forefront. With 25 years of predictive analytics expertise, we delve into understanding emotions, needs, motivations, and habits of individuals and their experiences. This insight enables us to address current functional challenges while anticipating a future that caters to customers' evolving expectations. Our "whole company" approach examines your business horizontally, identifying and facilitating necessary shifts for different stakeholders to embrace transformation.

Science-driven human comprehension, integrated experience strategies, and comprehensive organizational thinking form the foundation of our principles. These principles guided us in helping Driven Brands shape the future of Automotive Franchises by examining the convergence of emerging technology and shifting customer expectations, and in assisting Staples with embedding continuous customer insights into their loyalty experience. We apply these principles to envision and create the impactful experiences of tomorrow, preparing your business for the hyperautomation and intelligent connectivity era.

Architecture & Implementation

Elegant simplicity in sophisticated technology.

The capabilities of modern digital platforms—both digital experience platforms serving as customer experience hubs and customer data platforms making sense of diverse data sources—are undeniably impressive. However, the frustration of not fully capitalizing on these platforms is a genuine issue that demands attention.

Our expertise in data, design, and technology is integral to every transformation partnership we undertake. We pride ourselves on our applications architecture and implementation skills, but building a technology strategy and helping clients navigate challenges always come first. To achieve this, we enter the process keenly aware of potential pitfalls and work to avoid them. Through an extensive, collaborative process, we pursue a clear central vision, highlight discrepancies in leadership vision, lexicon and needs, and align diverse stakeholders around a common, shared outcome. We translate technology choices into language business and marketing users understand, helping them grasp the implications of their work.

When it's time to implement the technology, our fluency in downstream use cases and ability to collaborate with diverse partners and teams enable us to keep stakeholders aligned as we iterate to deliver maximum business value. Our approach—rooted in a deep understanding of common pitfalls and how to circumvent them—provides a safety net that clients have come to appreciate..

We prioritize applying our expertise to achieve three crucial objectives:.

  1. Simplification: Clarifying technology options, their potential, and limitations, resulting in a more streamlined implementation process.
  2. Connection: Aligning technology decisions with desired customer outcomes to cultivate enduring, loyal relationships between you and your customers.
  3. Enablement: Providing true partnership to bridge the gap between your current in-house technology capabilities and your aspirations.

Whether defining your cloud architecture, implementing a digital SaaS platform, or developing a custom web and mobile solution, our approach offers a dependable foundation for success. Embrace the future of hyperautomation and intelligent connectivity with Xivic as your trusted ally.

Performance & Growth

Establishing the core of your brand's growth trajectory

Many brands claim to be customer-centric, but their focus is often on the consumer's wallet rather than nurturing the relationship. Too few look beyond mere transactions, viewing touchpoints as opportunities for monetary gain rather than fostering genuine connections.

Just as personal relationships require care, so do the relationships a brand maintains with its customers. After all, consumers are people first, motivated by the same fundamental needs and desires for meaningful experiences. We consider performance and growth analytics to be the backbone of these company-customer relationships. We continuously measure the factors that strengthen connections, evaluate when new strategies are necessary, and drive optimization in an always-on approach. The outcome? Constant improvement, enhanced longevity, and maximized lifetime value.

We have assisted companies in extending their integrated experiences through digital and streaming video ecosystems, as well as others in disrupting the social media landscape with unique experiences that better anticipate users' interests and needs. Ultimately, we employ science to draw insights from real-world outcomes, enabling brands to make smarter decisions and forge lasting emotional connections with consumers. Embrace the future of hyperautomation and intelligent connectivity with Xivic as your trusted partner.

Extraordinary People

Our competitive advantage is that our firm is a place for growth. Our people benefit from our unparalleled resources and learn from the talent assembled around them.

This combination of talent, collaboration and inspiration empowers our people to work at the peak of their potential.

We Team With Best-In-Class Brands

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