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Xivic is a modern technology consulting firm where data drives innovation and growth. Our team of strategists, technologists, and creative minds actively collaborate with your team, delivering transparency, measurable results, and maximum efficiency to optimize your return on investment.

Optimize Business Performance

Embrace the future, and let Xivic accelerate your business growth by gaining a competitive edge. We challenge normal!

Strategy & Consulting

Uncover growth potential and facilitate customer evolution.

Numerous businesses possess abundant data, yet lack actionable insights. Our consultants combine analytics and behavioral science expertise with a practical approach, empowering clients to identify opportunities and create strategies that lead to transformative customer experiences.

We have counseled some of the world's most distinguished customer experience brands and digital trailblazers—from Comcast to Staples—on crafting enhanced experiences for their customers, generating substantial returns for their companies. Our proven methodology, grounded in scientific principles and emphasizing market feasibility, fosters confidence and support, ultimately driving decisive and impactful action.

Data Science & Analytics

Proactive customer analytics: prediction and prescription.

Our ability to synthesize multi-source customer data into coherent portraits of actual individuals—including their current and future selves—enables our analytics experts to help you design superior customer journeys, boost customer acquisition, satisfaction, loyalty, and ultimately forge more resilient customer relationships. Let us turn your data into a strategic asset that propels your business forward.

Experience Design

Creating experiences that captivate and convert.

Our journey commences with your customer at the forefront. With 25 years of predictive analytics expertise, we delve into understanding emotions, needs, motivations, and habits of individuals and their experiences. This insight enables us to address current functional challenges while anticipating a future that caters to customers' evolving expectations.

From user interface design to user journey mapping, we meticulously ensure that every touchpoint resonates with your audience. By prioritizing aesthetics, usability, and accessibility, we create seamless digital experiences that captivate and convert, making your brand stand out in a crowded digital landscape. Our "whole company" approach examines your business horizontally, identifying and facilitating necessary shifts for different stakeholders to embrace transformation.

Architecture & Implementation

Elegant simplicity in sophisticated technology.

Our expertise in data, design, and technology is integral to every transformation partnership we undertake. We pride ourselves on our applications architecture and implementation skills, but building a technology strategy and helping clients navigate challenges always come first. We translate technology choices into language business and marketing users understand, helping them grasp the implications of their work.

Whether defining your cloud architecture, implementing a digital SaaS platform, or developing a custom web and mobile solution, our approach offers a dependable foundation for success. Embrace the future of hyperautomation and intelligent connectivity with Xivic as your trusted partner.

Performance & Growth

Accelerating success: driving your business forward.

We consider performance and growth analytics to be the backbone of any company-customer relationships. We continuously measure the factors that strengthen connections, evaluate when new strategies are necessary, and drive optimization in an always-on approach - from acquiring new users to boosting website traffic to maximizing conversion rates. The outcome? Constant improvement, enhanced longevity, and maximized lifetime value.

Extraordinary People

Our competitive advantage is that our firm is a place for growth. Our people benefit from our unparalleled resources and learn from the talent assembled around them.

This combination of talent, collaboration and inspiration empowers our people to work at the peak of their potential.

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