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Xivic is a modern technology consulting firm where data drives innovation and growth. Our team of strategists, technologists, and creative minds actively collaborate with your team, delivering transparency, measurable results, and maximum efficiency to deliver continuous value.

Our Approach to Growth using Digital Excellence

Through data-driven strategies, a commitment to continuous improvement, and an unwavering focus on delivering consistent value, Xivic helps businesses accelerate their growth journey.

Generative AI

Create with AI: Unleash novel content and solutions that revolutionize your brand’s interaction.

Data Strategy

Data to Decisions: Employ Machine Learning to predict trends and personalize the customer experience.

Cutting-Edge Digital Services

Discover the potential in your data and customer experiences with our bespoke strategy and consulting services, crafting paths to success.

Digital Consulting

Strategize and evolve with Xivic. From AI integration to due diligence, we navigate your digital transformation journey for lasting success.

AI Consulting and Strategy

We provide flexible AI engineering and machine learning consulting services, depending on your current artificial intelligence initiatives, business challenges, and desirable timeline.

Digital Transformation

Future-proof your business, reshape your digital landscape.

Digital Strategy

Achieve your growth objective and discover hidden opportunities.

Merger & Acquisition Digital Strategy

Conquer the Post-M&A Digital Divide: Ignite Integration with Xivic.

Due Diligence

Uncover Hidden Gems and Secure Winning Deals with Xivic’s Due Diligence for PE Firms.

ADA Compliance

Ensure your website complies with WCAG standards.

Data Analytics

Drive future growth and solve complex business challenges using proven data analytics methods and digital analytics best practices.

Development & Design

Enhance and innovate with Xivic’s bespoke development and design. From elegant UX to robust software systems, we craft digital experiences that resonate and endure

Product Engineering & Development

Transform and reach your true business potential with Xivic’s new-age digital product engineering services.

Performance Engineering and Testing

Prevent performance headaches: Identify and address issues early in development, not after launch.

Digital Experience Design

Avoid the pitfalls of broken flows and redundant features by creating true user-centric digital experiences.

Application Management and Modernization

App modernization is key to smarter decisions, stronger security, and lower costs.

Project Strategy

Get your digital product to market faster and better.

Digital Marketing

Scale and succeed with Xivic’s targeted digital marketing. From SEO to sophisticated PPC, we elevate your online presence for measurable, impactful results.

Enterprise SEO

Our bespoke approach to enterprise SEO centers around a conversion-focused strategy, ensuring optimal results that align with your business objectives.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Turn more visitors into customers.  CRO allows you to lower your customer acquisition costs by getting more value from the visitors you already have.

Paid Search Marketing (PPC)

PPC advertising is one of the most effective and profitable marketing channels when it comes to generating higher ROI.

Inbound Marketing

Content marketing helps build an organic relationship with your audience and personalize campaigns to generate more and higher quality leads.

Account Based Marketing

Xivic harnesses the power of data to craft personalized experiences that not only resonate and turn high value accounts into customers but propel unparalleled engagement & lasting partnerships.

Our Process

Data Discovery

Unveiling Strategic Data Insights

Persona Mapping

Crafting Customer Profiles

Smart Design Solutions

Intelligent UX Innovation

Targeted Activation

Pinpoint Audience Connection

Performance Analytics

Measuring Success Strategically

Crafting Future-Proof Solutions

Dive into our groundbreaking projects where we combine cutting-edge technology and deep digital know-how to craft solutions that tackle not just current needs, but also anticipate and prepare for the opportunities and challenges of the future.


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