Performance Engineering and Testing

Achieve your growth objective and discover hidden opportunities.

Continuous performance testing

Catch performance issues early with Xivic. Pinpoint the exact impact of code changes immediately, preventing problems before they hit production.

Capacity planning

Stop wasting resources and frustrating customers. Xivic’s proactive performance engineering approach uses proven methods to eliminate capacity inefficiencies, ensuring you have the resources you need for optimal performance.

Baseline & benchmark testing

Build products that deliver a consistently great experience. Fine-tune your baseline and benchmarks by adjusting loads in real-time for hyper-realistic performance testing.

Learn to maintain consistency and control over the testing process, metrics, and benchmarks.

Shift-left testing

Test early and test often. Leverage the shift-left testing approach to reduce the number of bugs and increase the code quality.

Regularly testing code with each code increment helps to guarantee the quality of the project but also saves you a lot of time and money. This further helps you with enhanced test coverage to exceed business requirements.