Account Based Marketing

Transform marketing to many, into personalized experiences.

Boosting B2B Success with Personalized ABM Strategies

Accelerate your sales cycle and enhance the effectiveness of your B2B marketing strategy with ABM. Xivic harnesses the power of data to craft personalized experiences that not only resonate and turn high value accounts into customers but propel unparalleled engagement & lasting partnerships.


of marketers reported that ABM had a higher ROI than other marketing initiatives



of companies using ABM reported larger deal sizes with their target accounts.

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of marketers stated that ABM initiatives outperformed other marketing investments when it came to delivering personalized experiences.


How it works

  • Target Account Mapping: We collaborate with Sales to pinpoint accounts most likely to convert, utilizing your ABM platform to track intent signals and pain points for a more targeted and effective approach.
  • Content Craft: From personalized case studies to targeted webinars, we create content that speaks directly to your ideal customers.
  • Multi-Channel Orchestration: We orchestrate a mix of channels, ensuring the right message reaches the right person at the right time.
  • Data-Driven Optimization: Refine strategies, adjust targeting criteria, and enhance personalized content based on the evolving needs of your high-value accounts.
  • Close Accounts Faster: Empower your sales team with resources that enable them to accelerate close rates.

ABM vs ABX: Deciphering the Difference

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and Account-Based Experience (ABX) are both powerful strategies designed to enhance your interactions with high-value accounts. While they share similarities, they differ in their focus and approach.
At Xivic, we specialize in both ABM and ABX strategies. Whether you opt for precision targeting in marketing or desire a holistic, personalized customer experience, we have the expertise to guide you towards the strategy that aligns perfectly with your business objectives.

ABM: Precision Targeting in Marketing

  • Objective: ABM concentrates on targeting specific accounts with personalized marketing campaigns.
  • Focus: Primarily marketing-driven, with a focus on delivering tailored content and messages to a select group of accounts.
  • Tactics: Customized marketing content, targeted advertising, and personalized campaigns directed at key decision-makers within the identified accounts.
  • Benefits: Improved lead generation, increased brand awareness, and more effective marketing efforts towards a defined set of accounts.

ABX: Elevating the Experience Across Departments

  • Objective: ABX extends beyond marketing, aligning marketing, sales, and customer success efforts to create a cohesive, personalized experience.
  • Focus: A holistic strategy that considers the entire customer journey, ensuring a consistent and personalized experience across various touchpoints.
  • Tactics: Integration of marketing, sales, and customer success efforts to deliver a unified and tailored experience. Considers both pre- and post-sale interactions.
  • Benefits: Enhanced customer satisfaction, stronger customer relationships, and a comprehensive, personalized approach that transcends individual departments.

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