Paid Search Marketing (PPC)

Reach the right audience and increase sales with well optimized paid media campaigns.

Maximizing ROI with Targeted PPC Advertising

PPC advertising is one of the most effective and profitable marketing channels when it comes to generating higher ROI. It helps create more targeted campaigns and generate more qualified leads, whilst providing measurable results.

PPC Audits

Any successful paid media campaign stems from data and insights, which is why our team manually carries out PPC audits.

  • Technical audit: Our PPC team will examine the structure of your account and look at your pre-existing campaigns, ad groups and keywords to ensure it follows a scalable method.
  • Setup audit: The way your account is set up is very important in terms of measurability. We’ll audit your data ranges and KPIs to ensure the right focus.
  • Settings audit: Settings tend to be set up at the beginning of the first campaign and then never looked at, so we’ll make sure to audit device bid modifiers, ad scheduling, delivery method, ad rotation, location targeting and more.

Account Analysis

The creation of a structured and profitable PPC campaign requires a strong foundation, which lies in a thorough analysis.

  • Competitive Analysis: Knowing what your top competitors are doing in terms of PPC will give you the upper hand, so we always look at competitor ads and search and display campaigns.
  • Keyword Research & Analysis: Every campaign has a budget, so we’ll research, analyze and select the best keywords that will help your ads perform without spending too much.
  • Persona Profiles & Demographic Analysis: Successful PPC campaigns are highly targeted. We make sure your ads target the right audience.

Campaign Creation

When creating a PPC campaign, you want to get the most out of your money; and so do we. With years of experience and a proven track record, our research and analysis enable us to create campaigns that deliver excellent results; ensuring that the money you spend is put to work for your business.

  • Valuable Keywords: Our keyword research and analysis allows us to find the most effective keywords for your ads, the ones that will produce the best results, without going over budget.
  • Curated Landing Pages: Every click will be worth the money by selecting the right landing pages for your ads. Users will land on highly engaging pages that easily convert.
  • Compelling Ads: A critical step of campaign creation is writing the ads. Our team has years of experience in writing compelling ads and copy that not only attract users but also creates conversions.

Campaign Tracking

  • Conversion Tracking: Our team has a full understanding of how each platform (Google, Bing, Facebook) tracks conversions and will provide you with valuable insights into the progress of every campaign.
  • GA Tracking: We’ll integrate your Google Analytics with your Google Ads account and enable tracking of conversion goals, events, revenue and even engagement across devices.
  • Call Tracking: Google Ads call tracking gives you valuable data on higher quality leads, as well as on which efforts are producing better results.

Campaign Optimization

We don’t just set up and track your campaigns, we proactively optimize them to deliver higher ROI.

  • Landing Page Optimization: Well optimized landing pages for ads increase conversion rates and improve campaign performance.
  • A/B Split Testing & Ad Copy Optimization: We want to make sure that your target audience is presented with the best converting ads, so we continuously test and optimize ad copy.
  • Bid Optimization: User trends can change and so can keyword performance, which is why constant bid optimization is vital to a successful campaign.

Performance Reporting

Know where your money is going. Our insightful reports will show you exactly what you get out of your PPC campaigns.

  • Budget insight: We’ll provide you with data on how your search budget is being utilized across the multiple channels and why.
  • Conversion Insights: Each platform tracks conversion differently, and our team will compile a concise and accurate report to show you which ads and platforms are performing best.
  • Summary reporting: Get high-level data at your fingertips with our summary reports, which will provide you with important information across all active campaigns.

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PPC Frequently Asked Questions

Unleash the power of paid media! We’ll craft data-driven campaigns that reach your ideal customers and boost your sales.

PPC campaigns deliver faster results than SEO, the usual timeframe is around 3 months, but many businesses see results even within this period. However, just as with SEO, results improve over time, as campaigns get optimized and perform better.

Our paid media services are multi-platform, and we advise clients on the most effective platforms for them to advertise on depending on their business and industry vertical.

The performance of your paid ads is strongly linked with the landing page the ads direct to, so we’ll make recommendations to optimize landing pages and improve performance.

Paid search campaigns are different from client to client, therefore pricing also varies based on scope, business goals, length of projects and of course your marketing budget. We work with clients of all sizes and budgets, including SMB and enterprise-level companies.

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