Pressed Juicery

How we helped Pressed Juicery dominate Top 3 results for cold-pressed juice market.

The challenge

With a custom-built platform that lacked the flexibility of immediate or on the spot changes, Pressed Juicery’s website was not yielding the desired results through standard SEO practices. What was needed was an advanced strategy that worked around a heavily engineered website.

The solution

Through the implementation of JavaScript SEO, as well as an in-depth URL restructuring effort, Xivic contributed to major wins over the course of the SEO campaign. On-page optimization techniques, including alt tags and metadata optimization were also deployed to encompass the main strategy.

Top Ranking in Major Metros

#1 Rank

Increase in Organic Traffic


More Non-Branded Clicks & Impressions



  • Information Architecture
  • Analytics
  • Content Strategy
  • Experience Design (Ux)
  • Creative Design (Ui)
  • Searchability (SEO)
  • Platform Engineering
  • Delivery

The results

Building a new market monopoly for juice cleansing. Pressed Juicery took over the #1 and #2 spots for juice cleanse and cold-pressed juice local search queries, through a combination of advanced SEO techniques and “near me” optimization.

Top Ranking in Major Metros

Over the course of the campaign, Pressed Juicery took over the #1 or #2 rankings in multiple major metros like Las Vegas, NYC, Los Angeles, Seattle, and San Francisco. The website also ranked #1 for cold pressed juice near me, among others

Increase in Organic Traffic

In the first year of the campaign, Pressed Juicery saw a significant increase in organic traffic. Before Xivic, the website was registering around 1 million organic visitors every year, while after the SEO campaign that number grew to almost 2 million.

More Non-Brand Clicks & Impressions

Non-branded search queries for pressed juice and related terms saw a significant boost during and after the campaign, with number of daily clicks growing from 350 to 750, and daily organic impressions jumping from 7,000 to 15,000.