Umami Burger

How we helped Umami Burger grow organic traffic by optimizing site for buyer-intent keywords.

The challenge

Founder Adam Fleischman had a question: Why do people crave pizza and burgers more than other foods? His idea: Umami – the 5th taste. The growing brand needed their digital presence to reflect the wonderful tastes of their food at multiple locations across the US.

The solution

Xivic amplified the ingredient-activated taste sensation known as umami through a whole new online experience.

Increase in Search Traffic


Increase in New Visitors


Lower bounce Rate



  • Information Architecture
  • Analytics
  • Content Strategy
  • Experience Design (Ux)
  • Creative Design (Ui)
  • Searchability (SEO)
  • Platform Engineering
  • Delivery

User Experience

Xivic harnessed analytics to constantly improve the presence of Umami across multiple social platforms and search channels

Growth through SEO Strategy

The improved targeting, local SEO and “near me” optimization campaigns yielded excellent results in terms of organic traffic and visibility. Not only did Organic Sessions grow by +58% YoY, but Organic Impressions also increased by +45%.

Search Experience

Leveraging data insights, we were able to improve visibility and usability of the Umami brand through social retargeting and organic search.

The results

Leveraging beautiful photography of it’s crafted, gourmet food – Umami has taken it’s expansion to the next level in San Francisco, Southern California, Chicago and New York.