Enterprise SEO Case Study for Oil Change Franchise.

The challenge

With hundreds of locations in several states across the country, Take 5 Oil Change needed to gain visibility at local level, at the same time improving the web experience for new users. Correct audience targeting was also a decisive factor through the website migration process, together with local search engine optimization.

The solution

The web migration was complemented by a complete URL restructuring, and website structure optimization, which led to better page performance and significant growth. Xivic also used the migration as an opportunity to set up and implement analytics that supported audience segmentation and optimized targeting.

Increase in Organic Traffic


More Clicks from Search


Decrease in Page Load Time



  • Analytics
  • A/B Testing
  • Optimization
  • Experience Design (Ux)
  • Creative Design (Ui)
  • Searchability (SEO)
  • Compliance
  • Platform Engineering
  • App Development
  • Delivery
  • Ongoing Support

The results

Following the new website launch, and the technical enhancements implemented, Organic Search became the second highest source of traffic, and the largest portion of the traffic channels.

62% More Organic Sessions

The improved targeting, local SEO and “near me” optimization campaigns yielded excellent results in terms of organic traffic and visibility. Not only did Organic Sessions grow by +62% YoY (*June 2018 vs June 2017), but Organic Impressions also increased by +48%.

Enhanced Keyword Visibility

Optimizing for local search helped increase the number of keywords that Take 5 Oil Change ranks in the Top 3-100. Top 3 alone increased by +40%. Furthermore, keyword CTR increased MoM, which led to approximately 20,000 increase in clicks from search.

Improved Page Performance

Technical SEO optimization and local tactics also led to a wide range of improvements at page level. Page load time decreased by -17% YoY, while the bounce rate decreased due to local schema markup, elimination of State/Metro thin content, as well as image Alt Text description optimization.