Discover how a leading luxury watch retail business achieved a remarkable 246% YOY organic traffic growth. 

The challenge

Westime is one of the largest retailers in Southern California specializing in luxury watches, combining the digital customer experience with brick and mortar stores for the actual purchase. As they carry a great number of luxury watch brands, the digital experience was hindered by duplicate content and indexation issues.

As part of their drive to become the ultimate retailer of for luxury timepieces, we pursued an all-encompassing optimization campaign that coupled local SEO with advanced technical strategies.

The solution

Xivic’s take on Westime’s challenges was an integrated SEO campaign that addressed all issues, and approached the problem from all angles. Technical solutions were enabled to fix indexation issues, set up canonicals, and optimize meta data throughout the entire site. Content optimization was carried out to improve performance of key pages, such as brand pages and location pages.

Organic Traffic Increase YoY


Contact Requests


Average Increase in Maps Views



  • eCommerce Enablement
  • Analytics
  • Content Strategy
  • Experience Design (Ux)
  • Creative Design (Ui)
  • Searchability (SEO)
  • Compliance (ADA)
  • eCommerce
  • Platform Engineering
  • Delivery

The results

Every tactic deployed helped achieve a specific goal. Overall organic traffic increased, but defined goals also registered higher performance, from contact requests, to questions and comments, to the number of appointments scheduled.

Organic Traffic Increase YoY

Westime.com saw an incredible growth in organic traffic in Q4 of 2018 compared to the year before. Organic leads also saw an increase of 66%, while search impressions for the site increased 32% MoM, and 325% YoY (*January 2019).

More Appointment Requests

In addition to the increase in organic traffic, Westime also registered a boost in the defined business goals, which were meant to attract customers to their store locations. Contact requests increased YoY, as did the number of appointments scheduled, and “See it in person” form submissions.

Increase in Google Maps Views

The organic optimization efforts had a strong focus on local SEO, with a complete redesign of the location pages, a consistent push for Google My Business, and a UX optimization for SEO using schema markup. This led to a steady increase in maps views for each of the 4 Westime locations, as well as a boost in search views.