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Successful franchise businesses need to invest in a local and national digital marketing strategy. We can help.

Meet Xivic

We are a big-thinking team, inspired by pushing digital strategies across all levels of Franchise businesses. Our expertise in multi-location, internal Franchise management, and conversion creates a powerful digital ecosystem.

Local Marketing

We help franchisees keep tabs on local marketing efforts utilizing competitor and keyword research, producing original content based on locations, and using various channels to get the message out.

User Experience

Our UX team crafts strategic plans based on your website key performance indicators. We evaluate business strategy alongside user experience to maximize conversions.

Search Experience Marketing

Starting and ending with each individual customer's experience, we will promote your website by increasing visibility in search engine results pages bringing your company's name to the top.

Paid & Display Advertising

Your company will benefit directly from the proprietary paid strategies our team members have developed and utilized for several multi-million dollar companies.

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